A Rover's Song
from «The Red Rover»
by James Fenimore Cooper


«Буканир». Художник В.Э.Кларк

All hands, unmoor! unmoor!
Hark to the hoarse, but welcome sound,
Startling the seaman's sweetest slumbers.
The groaning capstan's labouring round,
The cheerful fife's enliv'ning numbers;
And ling'ring idlers join the brawl,
And merry ship-boys swell the call,
All hands, unmoor! unmoor!

The cry is, «A sail! a sail!»
Brace high each nerve to dare the fight,
And boldly steer to seek the foeman;
One secret prayer to aid the right,
And many a secret thought to woman.
Now spread the flutt'ring canvas wide,
And dash the foaming sea aside;
The cry's, «A sail! a sail!»

Three cheers for victory!
Hush'd be each plaint o'er fallen brave;
Still ev'ry sigh to messmate given;
The seaman's tomb is in the wave;
The hero's latest hope is Heaven!
High lift the voice in revelry!
Gay raise the song, the shout, the glee;
Three cheers for victory!

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